Quitclaim deeds – what are they?

Transferring title in real property from one person to another can be really complicated. Probably most of us would have problems with carrying out this process properly. But why is it so difficult? Simply because it demands certain written documents which have various forms and we must know which of them should be used in … [Read more…]

Last Will and Testament – what is it and why do you need it?

By creating your Last Will and Testament (also: Will, Will and Testament, Last Will) you organize your estate after your death. Thanks to this legal document you may decide who will receive what and who will become a guardian of your minor children/pets (if you have ones). You may give instructions, provide funds for certain … [Read more…]

Types of Civil Lawsuits

Civil litigation is a process which enables you to use court to resolve a private dispute. It constitutes a useful tool for individuals, businesses and other entities to receive some kind of compensation or to demand a certain action from somebody. Criminal cases concern violation of a criminal statute and can end up with imprisonment … [Read more…]